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Comfortable Root Canals in Knoxville, TN

Dr. Kyle Smith and our team at Beaver Creek Dental believe in giving you the best dental experience that you’ve ever had, hands down. We have designed every detail of our office with you and your family’s comfort in mind. In our office, we truly value our relationships with our patients.

We believe that great dental care starts with great relationships. Our team strives to form meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our patients by being honest, always. We believe in treating our patients the way that we would want to be treated, period.

What Is A Root Canal?

Honestly, root canals get a bad rap. Our office implements brand new, state-of-the-art, technology to ensure that your root canal is comfortable, painless, and worry-free. Dr. Smith may recommend a root canal for your tooth to treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • An active toothache
  • A tooth that has a cavity close or into the nerve
  • An infected tooth
  • A cracked tooth

Keep Your Natural Smile

The great thing about a root canal is that you don’t have to lose your natural tooth! At Beaver Creek Dental, we believe that nothing is better than a natural, healthy smile. Our team strives to provide treatment options that you can feel good about and that help you retain your natural smile long term.

Common Misconceptions About Root Canals

Not all teeth that need a root canal will hurt! Sometimes, if a tooth is infected or cracked, it actually may not bother you until a large amount of damage is already done. With our digital x-ray system, we can often identify these issues before they cause you pain and become problematic. We work hard to keep our patients out of pain, and we promise to make your comfort our priority.

Amenities for your Comfort

To make your visit with us as easy and as smooth as possible, we offer multiple amenities that set us apart from other offices. Beaver Creek Dental is a completely paperless office, saving you time and energy from monotonous paper forms. This means less wait time for you and more accurate records for us.

We also offer a game nook for the children, a refreshments bar stocked with ice cold beverages, and multiple televisions throughout the office to keep you both informed and entertained throughout your dental visit. Dr. Smith and his staff are committed to showing you the difference.

Please Call for a Consultation

If you would like more information about our office and how our team can help meet your dental needs, please do not hesitate to call and make an appointment! Our office is easily accessible just a half mile from the Karns, TN school system. We offer extended morning hours, making us a convenient stop on your way to work and school.

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