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Membership Plan

Beaver Creek Dental is happy to announce the development of our in-house Membership Plan! With this plan, you can take advantage of heavily discounted dental services without the hassles of deductibles, filing claims, or waiting periods.  Call (865) 896-3065 for more information!

Annual Benefits

  • Full comprehensive exam (D0150)

  • 2 regular/periodontal maintenance cleanings, 1 exam, and 1 flouride treatment* (D1110)(D0120)(D1208)

  • 30% off additional periodontal maintenance cleanings (D4910)

  • 1 panoramic or full mouth x-ray*(D0330)(D0210)

  • 1 set of 4 bitewing x-rays (D0274)

  • 1 dental emergency exam and up to two x-rays required for diagnosis (D0140)(D0220)

  • 30% discount on additional procedures not listed above*

Annual Enrollment Fees

  • $249 PER ADULT

  • $199 PER CHILD



*Our in-house Membership Plan is not dental insurance and is not intended for patients who currently have dental insurance. Participating in the membership plan gives you 30% off of our standard fees. If paying for treatment with a financing option, the discount is 20% off of our standard fees. 

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